Friday, April 19, 2013

>>> Be "The Other Woman" in Your Man's Life

Be "The Other Woman" in Your Man's Life

Spice up your love life and get that burning passion back in your bed! Learn how to take you and your man to more soaring heights and exciting lands. Make him want you so much he will forever be under your spell and won't that be awesome to be desired in such a way? Be the w

Steam Up Your Marriage! Proven Techniques!
I was referred to get this book by my sister-in-law. I started a few days ago and could not put this book down. I have been happily married 25 years this July. I have done many of the "tricks" in this book. I think because I was raised in the South and we are raised to honor and "please our man". If not, some woman out there is always waiting to do it for you. So I shared many of the same thoughts Karen does on that. However, it made me remember things I use to do and dropped out like the one-on-one lingerie fashion show. I have more lingerie that you can know. I agree with Karen, men are visual and love seeing their woman dolled up in a dress with lingerie underneath, or just the lingerie alone is fine. I always try to be "girly" and feminine around him. And yes, in the South we would never have our toes and nail polish not matching. Matching bra and panties is also important to add attention to detail. It is that extra thought into fixing yourself up that he notices. I agree with...

Be "The Other Woman" in Your Man's Life is one of best selling in Love & Romance category.

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