Sunday, March 10, 2013

~ How to Be Found by the Man You've Been Looking For

How to Be Found by the Man You've Been Looking For

Bestselling author Michelle McKinney Hammond, whose books have sold over 1.3 million copies, encourages single women to place their need for love in perspective, take their lives off hold, live purposely, and gain a better understanding of how to relate successfully to men.I

Great Book for Every Single Woman
I was very impressed with this book, although I honestly don't know what I had expected when I selected it. But it's not your run of the mill dating, get-your-man kind of book. This book follows the love story of Ruth and Boaz and uses it for it's inspiration. Along the way we're treated to nuggest of Personal Confessions which are things we can repeat over and over to ourselves, and Man Facts which will help us to understand men a little better. What I really liked about the book was that it didn't push finding a man. It promotes letting the man find you. McKinney-Hammond encourages women to understand themselves and live their lives and stand on FAITH that the perfect man will find them. She helps the reader to get ready for love spiritually, emotionally, and physically by looking deeper inside of themselves. I was totally impressed with this book, because it really can apply not just to men, but other relationships. We really need to know who we are and to know God before we can...

How to Be Found by the Man You've Been Looking For is one of best selling in Love & Romance category.

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