Wednesday, March 13, 2013

>> Why Men Lie and Women Cry

Why Men Lie and Women Cry

Discusses questions such as: Why do men tell lies? Why do they feel they have to be right about everything? Why women cry to get their own way?

Positive Preachers
My earlier picks of Allan + Barbara Pease has been a great read and this book is no exception though some of the contents seem repetative. Why Men don't Listen and Women can't Read Maps was a wonderful book and so was Body Language. So, I couldn't resist a pick of this book 'Why men lie and Women cry'! Main reason was the book title that bring a twitchy smile upon the face and second reason was that it's been a great gifting Allan & Barbara Pease's unique Books which delights the reader. The first chapter says on How to Give a Book as a Gift, too. Third reason for this pick is that the book is a must on the Bookshelf as it gives practical, easy digestible advice for better relationships. The book is so hilarious, answering the common questions that arise in minds about the attitude of men and women in general. Some of the points covered on back flap are:

1. Why are men confused about love
2. Why do men avoid commitment
3. Why do men feel women nagging around
4. Why...

Why Men Lie and Women Cry is one of best selling in Interpersonal Relations category.

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